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Brass & Woodwind Rental Scheme

Try Before You Buy from as little as £1.61 per day -


For 30 years Village Music has offered a highly successful ‘Try Before You Buy’ brass and woodwind rental scheme for primary and high school students.

The aim of the scheme is to give school students the opportunity to try their hand at brass and woodwind, on reliable, high quality instruments, for an affordable rental fee.

This rental fee is also deductible from the purchase price if the instrument is bought or upgraded at the end of the hire period.

We stock a wide range of brand new, serviced and sanitised ex-rental, and second hand instruments, made by some the leading names in the Brass & Woodwind world.

Our hire period is based on a minimum 4 month term, but can be extended as many times as required.

To hire an instrument just pop into the shop with ID – driving licence or passport, and a recent utility bill – and the aspiring musician, so we can help you choose the perfect instruments and offer some essential advice on setting up, care, and basic maintenance of the instrument.


The ‘Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme’ (AIPS) is a government approved scheme enabling you to buy a Woodwind or Brass instrument for your child without paying the VAT. There are certain criteria which must be met, and there is all the information you need to know in our handy guide & video below.

The AIPS scheme has been running for many years and is designed to help parents purchase musical instruments more affordably. The scheme can be applied on any new instrument as long as it (and the player) meet the criteria of the scheme.

Click HERE to read more about VAT Free Purchases



Flute - Clarinet – Trumpet - Cornet

Standard instruments – Artemis  - Odyssey -Vivace - J.Michaels - Rosetti

Superior Instruments - Jupiter - Yamaha - Trevor James - Buffet  - Pearl


Alto Saxophone - Trombone - Cello

Standard instruments – Artemis - Odyssey - Vivace - J.Michaels - Rosetti - Hidersine - Stentor 

Superior Instruments - Jupiter – Yamaha  - Trevor James - Buffet - Alfred Stingl by Hofner


Tenor Saxophone

Standard instruments – Artemis  - Odyssey - Vivace - J.Michaels - Rosetti

Superior Instruments - Jupiter - Yamaha - Trevor James - Buffet 

NB: Rentals are subject to availability. Hiree must be over the age of 18 and have I.D in their own name.


For peace of mind Village Music now offer optional insurance for rental instruments, this is a fully comprehensive insurance provided by musical instrument insurance specialist.

The insurance is a one off payment of £12 payable when you rent an instrument and covers accidental damage, vandalism, lost, or theft - and as the policy is in the name of Village Music claims will not affect your own personal premiums.

Excess charges for claims are as follows:

£30 - Accidental damage / repairs

£90 - To claim for the full value of the instrument if it is lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged 


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