Guitar Servicing



This is Craig, our in-house guitar/ stringed instrument technician.

Craig has been servicing and repairing guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, violins, and basses for Village Music for 20 years now, but not everyone knows he is also an accomplished guitarist, singer, and songwriter who's songs have been used for for the likes of Fifa and Swatch - He's also shared the stage with pop, indie, and rock royalty such as Chvrches, The Fratellis, the Kaiser Chiefs, Ian Brown, and more.   

In-between writing and performing some absolute belters, Craig can usually be found in the VM workshop giving our customer's guitars some meticulous TLC.

With 10+ years of guidance and training from the late, great Tam Stevenson, Craig is an expert when it comes to breathing life into tired, heavily played instruments - everything from restrings, to set ups, fret dressing and re-fretting, to neck breaks, electrical repairs and pickup replacements. 



Restring + Polish  - £20 + Strings 

Restring 12 string Guitar  - £25 + Strings

Restring for Floyd Rose - £28 + Strings

Mini Service - £35 + Strings  
*Mini service is only applicable to instruments which have been recently serviced  (within 3 months) by a professional repairer.

Mini Service for Floyd Rose - £55 + Strings

Set Up £70+ Strings

Set Up for Floyd Rose - £90 + Strings

Set up + Fret Dress - £90 +Strings

Set Up with Fret Dress for Floyd Rose - £105 + Strings

Need it quick? **Express Service** - + £20 


Fret Dress - £35

Partial Re-fret - £70-£120 

Full Re-Fret - £120-£180


NEW NUTS AND SADDLES * Set up recommended

New Acoustic Saddle - Plastic - From £2.99 + £12.99 Fitting

New Acoustic Saddle - Graphite/ NuBone - From £8.99 + £12.99 Fitting

New Nut - Plastic - From £1.99 + £12.99 Fitting

New Nut - Graphite/ Corian/ NuBone - From £6.99 + £12.99 Fitting



Electrics Service - £35

New Jack Socket - £35 + Jack Socket

New Switch - £35 + Switch

New Pots - £35 + Pots 



Pickup Replacement (Passive) - £35 per Pickup (Discounts available if Pickup purchased from Village Music)

Pickup Replacement (Active) - £45 per Pickup (Discounts available if Pickup purchased from Village Music)


Neck Break/ Crack  - £80 - £160 - includes set up and new strings

Severe Neck Break  - Requiring strengthening £150 - £280

Cracks and holes in body - £60-£150

Refinishing - QOA


- Please note this price-list is only a guide. Prices for parts may vary slightly. Additional charges may apply for hollow-body/ arch-top guitars, or guitars fitted with Floyd-Rose tremolos. Major repairs/ refurbishing/ Restoration may be charged at bench time.

- Estimates will be provided on inspection - any substantial changes to original estimate will be notified.

- Standard repair turnaround is 5-working days - if not quicker - repairs that require parts to be sourced, made, or ordered may take longer

- Woodwork repair turnaround is typically 10-20 working days.

- Instruments not collected 14 days after completion may be charged a storage fee. 

- Instruments not collected 90 days after completion may be sold to cover repair costs.