B&W Repairs Terms

Unless otherwise stated, Brass & Woodwind repairs are carried out off-site by a third-party, NAMIR* registered, repair team, with 50+ years of experience, with which Village Music have exclusively worked with for 14+ years.

Repairs are typically collected once a week – usually a Tuesday or Saturday. Turn-around time for most repairs is 10 working days or less.

Restoration work, complex repairs, or repairs that require specialist parts may take longer; time for these types of jobs can only be estimated by the repairer.

Once instruments have been collected and inspected by the repair team they will provide Village Music with a full Repair Report and Quotation – this can take 3-5 working days to receive from collection.

Once Village Music has received the Repair Report we will contact you to discuss.

No work will be carried out until approval has been provided – delays reaching you may cause a delay in the return of your instrument. If you prefer to answer calls from numbers you don’t know, please consider saving Village Music to your contacts.

Once approval to proceed is given instruments are typically repaired/ serviced and returned to the shop within 5-10 working days

If you decide not to proceed the instrument will typically be returned to the shop the following Tuesday or Saturday. In this instance a minimum £25 may be applied to cover collection, fault finding, and return of the instrument.

Books, music sheets, spares accessories etc are left at their owner’s risk. Village Music accepts no responsibility for any items believed to be lost or missing.

Instruments not collected within 28 days of completion may be subject to an additional storage fee of £5 per week.

Instruments not collected within 90 days of completion then become property of Village Music and may be sold to recoup the cost of repair.

Repairs are covered by a limited warranty, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the work carried out on your instrument let Village Music know within 3 months of collection (6 months for re-pads) and we will happily have your instrument re-examined.
This warranty is null and void if the instrument is misused, tampered with, or has sustained additional damage.